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Some Of The Topics and Debates Discussed Will Include:


The Cyber Threat Summit will cover all aspects of Cyber Security. With three distinct streams taking place concurrently throughout the day you can expect to find world renowned cyber security experts and business leaders discussing Strategic, Operational and Technical topics. Some of these are listed below.

  • GDPR – The Game Changer
  • Cyber Insurance – A Viable Option?
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Cyber Skills Gap
  • Cyber Intelligence – Using Machine Learning to Detect
  • NIS Directive – Are You In or Out of Scope?
  • Insider Threat – Hack The Human
  • Perception is Reality – Fake News and Using Effective PR as a Weapon
  • Physical Security is the Cousin of Cyber
  • The Art of Cyber Resilience
  • Cyber Threat Is A Board Imperative
  • Are You Developing Securely?
  • Outsourced Serviced Provider Takes Security and Privacy Seriously
  • It All Starts With Captain CISO
  • Is Your Data on The Dark Web?
  • Security and the Vendor Supply Chain

GDPR – The Game Changer

Understanding the requirements of the new data privacy regulation and developing a strategy.
Breach notification, substantial fines based on global turnover.
New responsibilities for processors and massive potential exposure to litigation.
Understanding your responsibilities, the business impact, how to control the risk within your vendor supply chain and how to ensure you are operating legally from May 2018.

Cyber Insurance – A Viable Option?

Understanding the benefits and aspects of cover.
Cyber attacks, insider threats, the cost of breaches and how to recover.
The various kinds of cyber related policies available and the various actors involved when an attack occurs, how to deal and insure against cyber risks in a holistic way.

Cyber Incident Response

Breaches are inevitable but would you know if you are already breached? Updates in regulatory compliance mandate the implementation of sufficient detective and responsive controls. What does appropriate incident response look like? How do you test? How do you leverage expertise? How do you integrate with existing capabilities including cyber threat intelligence.

Cyber Skills Gap

Thousands of open cyber security roles, how do you develop in house talent and how do you recruit. Understanding the specialist aspects to cyber team building and the related challenges to closing the cyber skills gap.

Cyber Intelligence – Using Machine Learning to Detect

Cyber Intelligence is now an essential part of every security teams arsenal. How do you utilise and develop upon implementing intelligence. Learn how to adopt the latest innovations in machine learning to protect your organisation.

NIS Directive – Are You In or Out of Scope?

Are you an operator of essential services in support of the national digital infrastructure? Mandatory breach notification, fines, reputational damage, intelligence sharing and a boost to the economy are all potential aspects.

Insider Threat – Hack The Human

When the bad guys are unable to defeat your technical defences, their last approach often involves your last line of defence – the human. Your staff are the most valuable and efficient weapon against cyber threat actors. How do you go beyond compliance training and education. How to you invoke loyalty and weaponise your staff to deal with the 24/7 threat they are exposed to from cyber malefactors.

Perception is Reality – Fake News and Using Effective PR as a Weapon

Part of many cyber attacks includes misinformation and distraction techniques. Consequential reputational damage and collateral damage for cyber attacks on a vendor supply chain are PR challenges. How do you leverage the power of effective PR and integrate the capabilities in order to be prepared for and be able to deal with the fall out of a cyber attack.

Physical Security is the Cousin of Cyber

Physical access to a premises, people or equipment is a component of many cyber attacks. Social engineering techniques are often employed as part of various attacks. How to you ensure your investment in physical security is adequate and integrated with your overall cyber security strategy so that their capabilities can be leveraged.

The Art of Cyber Resilience

Business continuity, disaster recovery and IT safeguards are all components of cyber resilience. How do you strategically aligned and measure these efforts within an organisation and leverage existing investment and resources. International standards, regulatory mandated levels of maturity and developing a cyber resilience strategy. Reduce the likelihood of an incident and increase the ability to detect and recover are key principles.

Cyber Threat Is A Board Imperative

What is mandated for Directors in relation to cyber risk and governance. Understanding your requirements in relation to due diligence. Fines, litigation and other exposure related to cyber risk will be outlined and how a board can prepare themselves and their organisation to deal with the legal and compliance aspects.

Are You Developing Securely?

“Bake In – Don’t Bolt On” is often the mantra in relation to the security aspects of the development lifecycle. How do you go about developing secure code that is compliant with regulations in respect to privacy and security. How do you test and gain assurance from third party developers. Strategically dealing with secure application development and understanding the challenges.

Outsourced Serviced Provider Takes Security and Privacy Seriously

Responsibility in relation to security and privacy lies with your organisation when they contract to an OSP Outsourced Service Provider. Increased controls within regulations magnifies the consequences of any failings in this area. What does an OSP that takes your security and privacy look like? What kind if controls and SLA’s are appropriate. With cloud based services what should understand.

It All Starts With Captain CISO

The CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) in an ideal world should report to the CEO and is the ultimate business protection offer. They have responsibility for protecting your organisation in relation to risk, security and privacy. What is the role of a CISO? How should they integrate and align strategically with the business. How can they develop a cyber strategy (CISO Framework) for your organisation which includes and leverages all stakeholders.

Is Your Data on The Dark Web?

Understanding the Dark Web and the risk aspects it brings in relation to cyber. How to protect your organisation and monitor the deepest recesses of the underworld communities.

Security and the Vendor Supply Chain

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Recent changes in the cyber related legislation has put a renewed emphasis on the importance of understanding and gaining assurance from all third parties you deal with and reply on. How can you do that? What are the tools and techniques you can utilise in order to evaluate and secure your supply chain.

Strategic Debates

Miriam O'Callaghan will chair several strategic cyber debates in the Mahony Hall to over 1,000 delegates with all the acumen broadcast to over 100 countries around the world. These debates will discuss the hottest topics related to cyber security with expert panellists, showcasing their expertise in each subject matter. Some of the topics include.

  • Fake News The Cyber Security Risks including contributions from Mark Little founder of Storyful.
  • Is Ireland Ready For The EU Cyber Legislation?
  • What Does "Cyber BREXIT" Mean?
  • The Cyber Skills Gap.
  • Evolving Ireland's Cyber Security Ecosystem.
  • The Trump Factor And Cyber – Should We Be Concerned?
  • Cyber Security In The Cloud.
  • The Cyber Safety of Children including contributions from Grainia Long CEO of ISPCC.

Fake News is a Cyber Threat

"Financial markets can expect further criminal examples of attempts to spook the market with false rumours spread through social media. Remember when the Syrian Electronic Army hacked a Twitter feed and reported explosions at the White House that injured US President Obama. Again this is old scams in a new way, criminals could “short” stock trades in anticipation of such rumours. In that case, the Dow lost more than 140 points in 6 minutes, with the S&P 500 alone losing market cap of $136.5 billion. Now imagine what a hacked or unhacked tweet from Donald Trump could do!"

Paul C Dwyer - President of the ICTTF

Is Ireland Ready for EU Cyber Legislation?

New European Cyber legislation includes the Network Information Security (NIS) Directive and the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation. These regulations include mandatory breach notification and potential fines of up to €20m or 4% of Global turnover.

Is Ireland ready?

What does Cyber Brexit Mean?

The GDPR, NIS Directive and all EU cyber related legislation still applies to the UK. What is the reality of BREXIT in relation to Cyber? Law enforcement intelligence exchange, arrest warrants. What about data flows and regulatory concerns over privacy and compliance. The opportunities that exist for Ireland and other today to help organisations deal with these challenges and more will be discussed.

The Trump Factor and The Geopolitics of Cyber Attacks?

Following on from reports of hacks on the recent US elections and in the context that the FBI have referred to Trump as an "unwitting agent" of Putin. We need to explore the geopolitical nature of cyber attacks. We explore the evidence of state sponsored attacks and the “conscious collusion” between organised cyber criminals and nations

The Cyber Safety of Children

Grainia Long CEO of ISPCC and recipient of the ICTTF Cyber Safety Award 2016 will be amongst those involved in the debate on how to protect our children online. Cyber Safety from all aspects relating to all ages of children will be discussed. The objective of the debate to discover what we, the industry and government can do to help with this challenge.