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European Cyber Threat Summit 2018 - #CTS2018 Announced

Now in its eight year, the European Cyber Threat Summit grows from strength to strength and 2018 promises to deliver the most inclusive and exciting event to date.
The climax of this year’s event will be the live round table debate including Edward Snowden, Paul C Dwyer and European Cyber Leaders as they focus on the key topic.

Have a look through the CTS2017 report to find out what you missed.

CTS2018 Presentation Topics Include:

  • Net Neutrality – The Threat to the Internet
  • GDPR Enforcement and Data Privacy Management Frameworks
  • IoT and IIoT (Industrial IoT) the cousins of SCADA and ICS
  • PSD2 and the FinSec challenge – make RegTech your best friend
  • CNI and the NIS Directive – with a dash of Brexit – What and How?
  • Mandatory Breach Notification and Incident Response
  • Cyber Skills Shortage – Deal with the Challenge
  • AI and Machine Learning Utilisation by Cybercriminals
  • Biometrics – is it a silver bullet?
  • Democracy, Fake News – CGI, Photoshop and VO Technology
  • Cyber Hygiene – Getting Your Baseline
  • Cyber Politics and Digital Transformation
  • Crypto Currencies, BlockChain – Protecting Opportunity with Cyber Risk Management
  • Modern Terrorism – the Cyber Factor
  • Industrial Espionage and The Spy Beside You
  • Reducing the Attack Surface – Practical Steps
  • Security Convergence – Cyber and Physical Need to Marry
  • Baking In Security to the Development Life Cycle
  • The Cyber Challenges of Mobility
  • Security Architecture and The Cloud
  • Vendor Risk Management and Cyber Security Assurance
  • Next Generation Malware
  • Cyber Intelligence and the Dark Web
  • Securing Mobile Apps
  • Automating a Broken Process, Just Makes it Break Faster
  • Ransomware – Should I pay a Ransom?
  • Protecting the Endpoint – is Antivirus a lost cause?
  • Making Users Loyal Not Compliance – The Human Cyber Defence
  • Cyber Leadership – How the CISO Can Get the Board to Buy In
  • Securing a Website – Why and How
  • SOC, NOC and Compliance – Why I need a SIEM
  • Anti-Doxing – Protecting Executives From Identify Theft or Surveillance
  • Case Study – Investigating and Reviewing the Anatomy of a Breach
  • 5G Mobile Networks – Understanding DNA Flaws and Vulnerabilities
  • Making Security and Trust a Business Advantage







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Our Speakers

Meet Some Of Our Previous Speakers

Our Speakers

Meet Some Of Our Previous Speakers

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