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Cyber Security is a serious issue for all businesses and individuals.

Now in its the eight year, the Cyber Threat Summit has become Europe’s leading cyber risk exhibition and conference. This year our event will take place in The Helix, DCU Campus, Dublin on the 24th October 2018. Developing and enhancing each year, 2018 will embrace the theme of “European Cyber Summit” an opportunity to focus on Euro cyber issues such as BREXIT, GDPR and the NIS Directive. Our annual Cyber Threat Summit has been a great success for the past 7 years and now you can become part of the success story.

European Cyber Threat Summit


For 7 Years, the Cyber Threat Summit has been the Cyber Security Conference of Choice for Business Leaders.

Hosted by the the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force, this event was conceived and designed to help fight against the “Bad Guys”.

The mantra of the task force is “It Takes a Network to Defeat a Network”. We believe the Cyber Threat Summit is the best way to share knowledge, network and leverage the expertise of the worlds most experienced experts and solution providers.

This year we have 3 distinct streams, running in parallel.

The Strategic Stream is probably best suited to senior executives and those cyber leaders that want to understand how to strategically deal with issues related to cyber. These include technical challenges and also issues such as supply chain dependency, legal, mergers and acquisitions and a complete range of issues that align with the business. The Operational Stream is aimed at those that want to understand “How To”.  Delegates will hear real life case studies of how organisations and solution providers dealt with particular issues such as DLP, Incident Management, Cloud Transition, Implementing ISO27001 and many more topics. The Technical Stream is very popular. Here delegates get a chance to see the latest innovations in dealing with cyber threats, they can interact and deal directly with the experts and experience solutions in action.


Enterprise Security

Security, risk, privacy and compliance are all aspects for the CISO of today. We will look how the innovative CISO’s meets the challenge. Learn from world leading “Business Protection Officers”.

Legal & Compliance

Maintaining a cyber security program compliant with all legal and regulatory aspects is an imperative. The NIS Directive, GDPR, PSD II and many more “Compliance Challenges” will be discussed.

Cyber Threats

We will be discussing and showing you the details of all the main cyber threats of 2018 and forecasting what to look out for in 2019 and beyond.

Web Security

Web based vulnerabilities continue to be a main vector of attack. We will discuss best practices, tools and techniques that can be employed to protect your organisation.

Mobile & Apps

Leveraging the opportunities from embracing mobile and apps brings with it a specific set of security and compliance challenges.

Security Operations

Threat intelligence, detection and response. Develop SOC capabilities in house, out source as a managed service or hybrid model.

Security Tools

Learn about the latest innovations and tools that can help you. Machine learning, AI and Open Source can help you with the cyber challenge.


The Internet of Things, especially the Industrial IoT (SCADA) has a unique set of challenges that need to be addressed.

Physical Security

Physical security is the cousin of cyber security. A converged security model is essential to protect an enterprise.

Cyber Insurance

Transferring risk is an option for all business risks. We explore the pros and cons of cyber insurance offerings.

Network Security

Securing the perimeter is a baseline for organisations, learn how to adopt the most appropriate strategy and tools.

Cyber Education

Users are the last line of defence, learn how to create a cyber security culture with measurable effective tools to support your program.

Cloud Security

Transitioning to the cloud, dealing with security, privacy and GRC issues. Learn from real life case studies and examples.

Dark Web

Understanding the dark web, crypto currencies and the underground market places. How your business may be effected and what you should know.

FinTech and RegTech

Learn about and how to embrace the most innovative FinTech and RegTech solutions to deal with the cyber challenge.

Cyber Espionage

The world of industrial espionage has embraced cyber tools and techniques. Learn how to protect executives, your staff and your intellectual property from the spies.


John McAfee
John McAfee
I am a simple, free, soldier. Founder McAfee Anti Virus
John McAfee
I am a simple, free, soldier. Founder McAfee Anti Virus
"I am a simple, free, soldier." John McAfee According to Wikipedia: John David McAfee (born September 18, 1945) is a British-American computer programmer and businessman. He
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden
Edward Joseph Snowden is an American computer professional, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, and former contractor for the United States government who copied and
Paul C Dwyer
Paul C Dwyer
President of the ICTTF, CEO of Cyber Risk International
Paul C Dwyer
President of the ICTTF, CEO of Cyber Risk International
Paul C Dwyer is an Internationally recognised information security expert with over two decades experience and serves as President of ICTTF and Co Chairman of
Michelle Dewberry
Michelle Dewberry
Michelle Dewberry
Michelle is a broadcaster and businesswoman who is fast becoming known for her frank, passionate and down-to-earth attitude. A regular TV commentator, Michelle also presents
Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett
Author, Broadcaster and Director at Demos
Jamie Bartlett
Author, Broadcaster and Director at Demos
Jamie Bartlett is the Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think-tank Demos, where he specialises in online social movements
Rhonda Reihill
Rhonda Reihill
Chief Operating Officer at Cyber Risk International
Rhonda Reihill
Chief Operating Officer at Cyber Risk International
Established entrepreneur with a successful track record in building businesses. Rhonda applies her organisational and business development skills with her drive, acumen and ability to
Chuck Georgo
Chuck Georgo
Cyber Strategist at NoWhereToHide.org
Chuck Georgo
Cyber Strategist at NoWhereToHide.org
For more than thirty years, Chuck Georgo has served as a public safety strategist, business analyst, systems engineer, and project manager supporting national and homeland
Pierluigi Paganini
Pierluigi Paganini
CTO at CSE Cybsec Enterprise and Member ENISA ETL
Pierluigi Paganini
CTO at CSE Cybsec Enterprise and Member ENISA ETL
Pierluigi Paganini is Chief Technology Officer at CSE Cybsec Enterprise, member of the ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) Threat Landscape Stakeholder

CTS2018 Sponsors

Not all solutions are the same therefore we don’t believe all event sponsorship should be either. If you’re interested in having your business be part of The Cyber Threat Summit, why not download the sponsorship document and get in touch with what your interested in or get in touch with us and we can tailor a package for you.

Reviews from Past Years

“This has to be one of the slickest and most professional events I’ve attended, hats off to you and your team”

Palo Alto Networks
Simon Crocker Dir. of Systems Engineering

“A diverse and engaging range of Speakers, dealing with cyber threats, as well as current technology trends and know-how. A real eye opener for the “non-techie”. Extremely informative, yet entertaining. A thoroughly well organised, thought provoking and enjoyable Summit”

Roche and Co. Solicitors
Fiona Roche CEO

“The feedback from the event was very positive. We had some great conversations with potential prospects and found the event really met our objective. The content of the event was also very impressive and we were glad to be a part of it.”

Webroot International
Antoinette Taafe Marketing Programs Specialist EMEA

“The event provided excellent insights into how cyber threats are emerging and threatening the established business model. The format was pacey and the learning opportunities were very good, a mix of quality speakers and good subject matter, all in all a very useful and valuable experience.”

Risk Management International
Michael Baume Associate Director

“The event was a breath of fresh air for something like this to be so open. A different approach and something I think Cyber Security as a whole needs to change going forward.”

James Bullock Region Director

“All in all, a great event from start to finish. I caught up with many of my industry contacts on the day and came away with a tonne of very useful information.”

Brightwater Recruitment
Ian Donnelly I.T Recruitment Consultant



Attended by hundreds of businesses and thousands of delegates from all walks of life and literally all corners of the globe.

Panel Discussions

From the CISO Panel to the Legal panel hot topics will be covered by global experts in the panel discussions.


Having been a staple in the cyber security event calendar for the last 7 years, The Cyber Threat Summit now carries on into its 8th edition

Live Stream

The strategic stream will be live streamed to over 100 countries. Last year we had over 25,000 online viewers.


3 streams – Strategic, Operational and Technical presentations. There will be something for the experts right down to entry level.

Cyber Awards

Each year the ICTTF Board makes a number of “Cyber Awards” recognising  those that are innovate and making a significant impact against cyber threats.


Actually, we’ve never lowered our tickets pricing policy lower than this year. Ultimately this means that it is so much cheaper this year!

Exhibition Areas

With over 60 exhibitors spread across 3 exhibition floors there is something for everyone.

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When thousands of people visit an event that covers so many subjects and people from so many different countries, there come a lot of questions. We’ll be glad to answer them all!

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